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From Pride Buses to Revamped Stations: Design's Impact on Public Transit Experience

Today, let's explore the latest design news in public transit and discuss how design services enhance both the transit services and transit vehicles experience.

Milwaukee Transport Services Inc. (Milwaukee County Transit System) System (MCTS) recently unveiled its 2023 Pride Bus designed by Brianne Mueller. The powerful message of "the bus is for all of us" is boldly displayed on each side of the bus, reminding us of the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in public transportation.

Trinity Metro is considering replacing all 1,714 bus stops in the city with revamped stations that will provide shade, benches and displays with real-time information. “We want to change the stigma of riding the bus. It’s not just for poor people. It’s for all. We want to create a transit that encompasses every style of individuals in the city of Fort Worth,” - @Nettles, a member of Trinity Metro’s board of directors.

Pratt Institute students reimagined furniture, community, water access, and more. The students shared their work around the theme of “Adapt!,” such as Gwen Haiwen Yang, who presented the project Older Connections: Positive Mobility for Senior Citizens in New York City that involved interviews and co-design workshops to explore how the waiting experience for public transportation could be improved for aging populations.

Austin Transit Partnership has announced that the Project Connect is kicking back into gear with the selection of a design team. Designers will spend the next several months working with community members to envision a transit system that feels uniquely Austin.

By utilizing design services, public transit agencies and OEMs can unlock numerous benefits:

✅ Enhanced Passenger Experience: Focus on creating user-centric environments that prioritize passenger comfort, convenience, and engagement, leading to a more enjoyable transit experience.

✅ Brand Differentiation: Well-designed vehicles create a strong brand identity and help transit agencies stand out in a competitive market, attracting more passengers and fostering loyalty.

✅ Improved Efficiency: Vehicle layouts optimization, seating arrangements, and accessibility features, improving operational efficiency and reducing boarding and disembarking times.

✅ Future-Proofing: Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, technological advancements, and regulatory requirements, ensuring that vehicles are designed to meet current and future needs.

If you're a public transit agency or OEM seeking to enhance your services and elevate your vehicle design, consider partnering with @D2Bridge LLC design services provider who specialize in transportation design. Together, let's shape the future of public transit, creating innovative, sustainable, and visually appealing vehicles that inspire and delight passengers.

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