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Paris Air Show Sustainable Air Travel News and Insights

Air travel's contribution of almost 3% to global CO2 emissions, while serving only a small portion of the world's population, highlights the need for collective action to address its environmental impact and accessibility challenges.

@François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry, announced an investment of $350 million to support Canada's new Initiative for Sustainable Aviation Technology (INSAT) aimed at accelerating the green industrial transformation of the aerospace industry.

@Boeing Teases New Airplane Concept. The new airframe configuration Boeing is developing with NASA called the Transonic Truss-Braced Wing, or TTBW. Boeing is repurposing an old MD-90 airframe to create a full-scale TTBW prototype, setting its sights on a groundbreaking flight scheduled for 2028. “We have to look towards the future,” - @Stan Deal Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO

@Rolls-Royce announced its new small gas turbine that has been specifically developed to power hybrid-electric flight is set to begin testing. “The turbogenerator system will complement the Rolls-Royce Electrical propulsion portfolio by delivering an on-board power source with scalable power offerings between 500kW and 1200kW enabling extended range on sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) and later, as it becomes available, through hydrogen combustion.” - @Olaf Otto, President

@VoltAero Debuts the Cassio 330 Electric-Hybrid Aircraft. "Today marks a true milestone for electric aviation, as VoltAero delivers on its promise to take an all-new approach for quiet, efficient and eco-friendly transportation that is based on a hybrid design combining thermal and electric propulsion for maximum flight safety," - @Jean Botti, VoltAero's CEO and Chief Technical Officer.

@maglev aero unveils breakthrough propulsion technology. MagLev Aero's innovation utilizes a large rim-driven circular rotor for efficient and quiet vertical lift and high-speed cruise. Their MagLev HyperDrive™ platform, inspired by maglev trains, enables highly efficient distributed electric propulsion. It surpasses traditional helicopters and eVTOLs with lower noise levels and improved hover lift efficiency. “...I'm thrilled to reveal the breakthrough propulsion technology we have been working so diligently and passionately on for the past few years in stealth," - @Ian Randall, co-founder and CEO of MagLev Aero.

@Elixir Aircraft unveils its low-carbon aircraft running on biofuel or hydrogen. The prototype is powered by the new TP90 turbine from @TurboTech. It will burn Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), a jet biofuel, and later transition to hydrogen once its availability increases.

At @D2Bridge, we are committed to driving positive change in the aviation sector. Through our design services, we aim to contribute to the development of sustainable, efficient, and socially responsible solutions that mitigate the environmental impact of air travel and promote equal access to this vital mode of transportation.

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